Friday, November 23, 2007

Very Incomprehensible Ending, This

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Apologies for the ending - I needed to clear my mind

It's almost been a week since my last update. I could blame the fact that I don't have readily available internet here (by readily available, I mean I don't just turn on the laptop and voila! Internet - I have to lug the machine about just to connect). It's been a week since I arrived here, and I've been at a stable 100 kilos, which I can hopefully maintain for the next few months. And since Christmas is just around the corner, we all know just how difficult that'll be, what with the food, the booze, the food, the shopping (which leads to eating out) and again, the food. I'll have to increase the amount of exercise I do just to keep up with the sudden deluge.

It really has been a pretty good week. I miss the amazing mountain air of Buena Vista, and the walks I have to do just to get around the city, but other than that, it's been awesome. The beers have been moving (or to be precise, the alcohol's been moving), the parties and gimiks have been happening. Manila really is the city where shit happens for no reason at all, and this is what I've been missing the entire time I was in Mindanao. There were very few stay-up-til-dawn gimiks back in CdO, where life was so idyllic and so irritatingly predictable, you'd wish for a sudden explosion a couple of blocks away just to keep yourself entertained. Just a couple of nights ago, I went out with an acquaintance and ended up in Greenhills with a bunch of friends and a couple of bottles - which quickly escalated to a drinkfest.

Man, those things hit me real good.

But there really is something missing. I can't put my finger on it, but one thing hasn't changed.

Well, actually, I'm lying. I know what it is. But some things you just can't control.

Whatever it is, though, I'm sure I'll be fine. I've got friends and family here, a steady mix of unwanted company and unwelcome solitude - what an ironic situation! - and no matter what happens, I am still the conqueror (according to Jon Abaca) and I will remain the conqueror, for I am, after all, a force to be reckoned with.

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