Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Test Barrage

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What Kind of Girl Will You Fall For?

You will fall for the cutie. You like girls with a personality. She's got to have a nice smile and a sense of humor. Although she doesn't have to be a model, she has to be that girl-next-door.
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This seems to be true. Yoink.

Which Famous Artist Are You?

You are Leonardo da Vinci. You are the "Renaissance man" and you live to be productive. Great at everything you put your mind to, you have great passion and drive. But of all qualities, your curiosity is your best trait.
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Wow, a renaissance man. I wish.

What Type of Drunk Are You?

You are an Excessive Drunk. You drink to get drunk and you won't settle for anything less.
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True, true.

Which Springfield Resident Are You?

You are part Ned Flanders. You see yourself as morally superior to most everyone else, and the absurdity of others can drive you nuts! Despite your kindness and honesty, though, your do-good attitude can reach an annoying degree.
You are part Krusty the Clown. Being the life of the party isn't always easy. Most people adore your vibrant and unique sense of humor, even though it's just a facade disguising your cynical outlook on life.
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Is it just me, or are these tests becoming more and more accurate?

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