Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wedding Aftermaths

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Martin Cruz: writer / master of celebrations / club dancing machine extraordinaire.
Status: Dead
Life lessons:
- Jesuit priests do not like being cut off just when they are starting the gospel. No they don't.

- If you have to be the emcee for a wedding, make sure that a ready-made programme of events is set. Otherwise:
  1. Demand for one
  2. Make one yourself
  3. Back out from the position, with your tail between your legs
  4. Get hammered before the reception proper
  5. Hara-kiri?
- Cake is good. And so is fried chicken. And a lot of other wedding foods. Really.

- Tequilla and subsequent bottles of Red Horse do not a great conversationalist make. It does, however, make for an awesome dancing machine.

- Never ever start a conversation when you're inebriated and cooking corned beef at the same time. Cutting an onion is an exciting work of art when in this state, and could very well take ages.

- Mobile phones should be kept away from an inebriated Martin. I think some of my friends know this well. :D

And in the end: Congratulations to the newlyweds, John and Jovie Pimentel! I'm sorry if the photographers hated me for coming up with an impromptu programme with one of your titas. I'm sorry I wasn't able to sample all the food. You owe me a Green Haven treat, Mr. Pimentel, wahahaha!

Now, go read some other, more interesting blog.


  1. July made the program; it was good but Jovie and I neglected to fill in the details. Horribly sorry for that lol! Anyway, it was perfect; Yuki and you. If we had to do it again, we'd rather have unprepared Yuki and you rather than a prepared MC/DJ who we do not know. ;) (And Shanta had a good time though my male cousins didn't. I heard they were with older women lol!)

  2. oh she did? that's good; I was afraid she was going to go and say that I was all spaz haha. i didn't know your guy cousins were with older women though.