Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Just another meme. Got it from work, edited it a bit (and by that, I mean I removed one question).

If I was an opposite gender, what would my party clothes be like? Uh. Don't know about the top, but I'd always wear a long skirt. The kind I'd trip over.

At 10am this morning, I wasFast asleep

At 10pm tonight, I will be… Debating about going home or doing overtime.

Who should be the next Malaysian Prime Minister? I have no idea.

If my spouse told me to do without sex for a year, I would… agree. If I had a significant other, much less a spouse. And if she could stand it.

If I was a piece of a car, I would be the… the plush interior

If I was told one day that I would have to give up either 1) anything chocolate OR 2) ever seeing the beach again, for the rest of my life, which one will I give up?
Chocolates. No contest.

Singapore is good for… splurging on cash.

If I could only say 3 words before I die, what would those last words be?
I am eternal.

Who would I like to be left on a deserted island with?
Somebody fun and up for a little fooling around.

Die by drowning or by fire?
Fire. I'd rather be ashes than bloated.

If I opened a night club, what would I call it? El Loco Escondado

Don’t cheat: what’s “bulbous”? Growing or bearing bulbs

I think my ass is… Universally hawt.

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