Sunday, September 23, 2007

This Is Not The Music From "Jaws"

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We take a break from your regularly scheduled program to give everybody who cares a heavy dose of hardcore fanboyism:


I just finished watching "The Awakening," the first episode of this much-awaited continuation of what could be one of the most groundbreaking animated children's shows the mighty America has produced (and that's saying a lot, actually, considering the quality of most shows they've been churning out, but that's for another day). And unlike the severe mood swings the season one ender / season two premiere had - which wasn't bad at all, although it could be unsettling for those watching the series continuously - this series continues from the insanely depressing cliffhanger of "The Crossroads of Destiny."

Aang seems to be going through a Potterification of sorts (read: gay / emo transformation), while Zuko is, once again, the butt of all Azula's jokes - but that's been established a long time ago; boys, watch out for Azula's bed scene. It's her shining moment of sexiness, perhaps the only one we'll ever see from her.

Oh, and Ozai actually shows his face, and is indeed a rather good-looking individual, althought his boyish features don't seem to mix well with the musculature of the rest of his body, as evidenced in the agni-kai between him and his only son in the first season. He sure gives Iroh a run for his money, though, which could explain why good ole Uncle only has one kid (who died in the war), while Mark Hamill (Ozai, via his voice actor) has Zuko and Azula.

The rest of the cast is on-set merely as wallflowers for the protagonist and the anti-hero, aside from the impressive metalbending and waterbending both Toph and Katara execute throughout the episode. Although Katara crying to her dad was one bit of waterbending the show could have done without; I guess they needed to establish that one little plot point for the family viewers. I mean, we wouldn't want ten-year olds asking their fathers about the sudden re-introduction of Hakoda into the lives of the young heroes, but the preview review plugged by Avatar Spirit hit it spot on when they mentioned that the scene was something the episode could have done without.

However, if you're fresh from viewing the season two finale, the third season's premiere is more than enough to get anybody stoked for the rest of the series. Looks like I'll be pretty busy come Sunday morning of the next ten weeks.

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