Sunday, September 23, 2007

This Is More Than Just Sheer Coincidence

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Meme taken from Mike, title stolen from "Magnolia," since the movie rocks so much.

1. When you were a kid (read anywhere from birth to about ten), what did you "want to be when you grew up"? Do you still want that?

I always wanted to be a criminal investigator. And no, I don't think so; the PNP don't get paid enough, Pinoy crime is like an infestation of fleas on a scraggly mutt, and private investigators usually don't have enough back-up to stay alive.

2. What is the best video game, and why?

Tough question. But the only game I ever played more than twenty times was Chrono Trigger, so I guess that'd be it.

Or the Megaman series! Fanboys rule. Oh, and here's something interesting. Or sick.

3. Pencil or pen? *g*

Pen. They can be used to make intricate skin tattoos.

4. Three wishes - what are they? (They have to be selfish wishes.)

The powers of:

a. Mind reading (I swear)
b. Flight
c. Destruction

5. What's the one question you'd like me to ask? Answer that.

I don't get this question. Is it a question I'd like people to ask me, or a question I'd like to ask the guy I stole that meme from - or, conversely, a question I'd like him to ask me?

I need a new wardrobe.

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