Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Change in the Year of the Horse

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So it's 2016. Feels really strange writing that. Just when you've gotten used to writing the year the old way, the new year comes along and changes things up. I know, it's just by a number. But the fact is that it's one other thing that you need to get used to.

Taken from Forbes.

But hey! What am I saying. Happy New Year everybody. I love the turn of the years; it gives you the sensation that you're turning the page in your story for real, like you're shedding away all of the dust you've accumulated the previous year, and emerging as a new, improved version of yourself. Of course, all this is just in your head, none of it is really true, but the energy is there, and sometimes the presence of a new energy is all you need to make a difference.

This is probably why everybody makes all these resolutions. Change is a positive energy that forces everybody to move forward. The changing of the year is the stimulus, and this is what inspires the individual to keep the changes rolling. So despite the fact that, in fact, nothing really changes, accepting the "winds of change" at the start of the year becomes the impetus to change.

So let this year be one of positive change. Accept the new additional number of the year, and work towars the things that you want to change the most about your self. Build that new home you're working on. Write that old story you've been struggling with. Conquer a new mountain, and enjoy yourself while you're doing it. And don't forget to tell the people that you love, the people that you take for granted, that they matter to you. Because change means nothing if you don't spread the love around.

Be the positive change in your life this 2016. Happy new year, folks, even if it's a tad bit late.

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