Monday, September 08, 2014

The Cat Revolucion

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The cat revolucion began, at least in the Philippines, way back in the early 2000s when sites like I Can Has Cheeseburger started operations (although that particular site was born much later in the decade). To this day, however, finding a decent cat implements remains to be problematic in a country that increasingly sees our fun feline friends as pests who steal from the table at every opportunity.


Take into consideration, for example, the number of dog toys carried by your average grocery. SM has oodles of dog implements; collars, leashes, bowls of every sizes, and varying dog food brands. Cat products, on the other hand, are usually relegated to a single corner of a cabinet. And these aren’t even quality cat products; these are common cat brands, like Whiskas.

One can argue that some of the items on the dog product aisles are uni-animal, that is, can be used for both dogs and cats. Sure, but that’s quite absurd. While men don’t usually care what deodorant they use so long as it hides the man stench, women usually don’t use roll-ons designed for men. The same can be said for cats.

There ARE specialty stores with items meant for cats, but they’re more the exception than the norm in this city. You won’t see cat trees being sold in most of the huge department stores and malls, which makes buying things for your cat quite the inconvenience.

This is – pun intended – a catastrophe waiting to happen. Sooner or later, the cat revolucion will reach critical mass, and the feline owners will take to the streets, demanding equality for cats, and freedom from our dog-centric society. The demands will be unrelenting: cat parks with sandboxes in every town. Variety in cat products made available in the most accessible avenues. And education in cat illnesses, as well as the treatments available for our furry clawed companions.

The time has come for equality among animals. Let it be said that this is not a drill. This is happening, has been happening, and is ten years in the making. The cat revolucion will prevail.

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