Monday, September 05, 2011

Pet Peeves

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Everybody has pet peeves. Not that many people realize what they are. But I have lived with my family for so long that I think my pet peeves revolve around them. And you know what they say: list down your evils, and confront them, and you are one step closer to kicking them in the face.

So without further ado, here are a list of my top three pet peeves, and the reason why my entire being is shaken whenever confronted with these things:

Wet Bathroom Floors

Or wet bathrooms, for that matter. Oh sure, it’s okay for the shower area to be wet, since people take their baths there. But areas aside from the shower area?

I get it, some bathrooms can’t help being wet when other people take showers, especially when there’s no clear division between the shower area and the other areas of the bathroom. But the bathroom I frequently use at home does, and I could never understand why, whenever other people use it, the entire bathroom floor is wet. And since I can never stand it, but I have to live with it, I just keep shut, and try to wipe the excess water out myself.

Messy Rooms

I don’t know why. I just cannot stand messy rooms. Or dusty rooms. Which is a shame, because my very own room is no testament to epicureanism. I can’t seem to keep the dust out, probably because my room is one of the few sections of the house which is most exposed to the elements. Also because I can’t seem to get rid of the clutter that seems to accumulate. Believe me, I’ve tried. Which leads me to my next point—


My room is filled with clutter. There’s a queen-sized bed, a headboard, a big-ass bass amp, a relatively smaller guitar amp, another (smaller) guitar amp, empty guitar cases.

The biggest piece of clutter, however, is the desk I use in the room. It’s a relatively nice desk, a relic from the old days when they made desks big and heavy. To that end, this desk has weathered A LOT, and yet, shows no sign of, well, dying. The problem with it is that the desk is really, really big. It’s so big that we need to tear down sections of the house’s walls just to bring the darn thing out of my room. Which makes me wonder just how the hell we got it inside in the first place.

Noteworthy is the fact that the desk has been in the room for far longer than I’ve been born. It has never stepped out, and is probably dying of loneliness.

In other news, today is Freddie Mercury’s birthday! Happy birthday, man, wherever you are. Here’s a video of arguably the best song Queen has ever written,

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