Thursday, June 30, 2011

Technology Angst

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Just this morning, I found out that Windows Phone 7 was updating it's firmware to version Mango.

So Apple has jungle cats, Google has sweets, and Windows has...fruits.

Don't get me wrong. There's a certain sense of balance with Window's naming scheme (heh, fruit), and since the developer has a lot of ground to cover in order to overtake it's competitors, any marketing angle it can use is great news.

But - and this is the true reason behind my post today - I have been trying, for the past few weeks, to get my Nokia C3-00 firmware upgrade to behave, and have been failing.

The problem is, in a nutshell: I can't seem to open my phone's native chat account. That, and the Ovi app won't let you download the updates.

And before you ask, yes. I made a backup of my system, tried everything from hard system restore to faith healers, so I think I've done my fair share of research.

Normally, that wouldn't be a problem. But see, the C3 is a phone that has two very big shortcomings. There is no 3G support, and you cannot multitask.

The latter, really, is my problem. If I have to, say, sign into eBuddy to chat, I can't stay signed in and read a text message because eBuddy is not a native phone app. So if I'm chatting with somebody, I need to excuse myself, exit the app, read the message, respond, reactivate the app, and hope to God that the text recipient doesn't text back right away.

Or I can hold off replying to the text message. Either way, my options aren't very polite.

So as an outsider, I can appreciate the sheer silliness these naming schemes bring to the table, but as an end user with horrible UI satisfaction due to the lack of decent service brought by Symbian, I can't help but think that fruity upgrade names is better than faulty upgrade installations.

Somewhere out there, I hope a monkey is nibbling on the ass of some Symbian developer.

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