Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day!

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Okay, I’m not really North American, and I still honestly don’t understand what the big thing about turkey is (I’d really much rather eat lamb), but the reason for giving thanks, I understand completely.

Honestly speaking, it’s been a pretty rough year, and we’ve got a month and several weeks to go, still. But instead of emoting on how rough it’s been, or how rarely I’ve been posting on my blog, I’d much rather count my blessings.

First things first: I’m thankful for being surrounded by awesome people. My loved one, my family, my friends and business partners—honestly guys, this year would have been a disaster if it weren’t for you. You know who you guys are.

Second thing I’m giving thanks for is the fact that I learned a lot of things this year. At around the same time ago last year, I hardly knew how to manage a group, let alone manage a real business. This has been a very tough learning experience. But there was never an easy boss battle, so Omega Weapon, show me what you can do!

Third thing I’m happy for is the fact that I probably haven’t lost touch with the geekier side of my personality. I still get that knurd joke, I still (want) to own a third or fourth generation console, and finally, I also want to learn ore about HTML for this generation of browsers. Good luck with that last bit, of course, but I keep on telling myself that I’ll get there someday.

Fourth thing is that I’m still capable of reading literature. Not pulp sci-fi, not manuals, not just comic books. We’re talking real literature. I’ll be prepared to add a little bit more to this little item on the list once I actually get back to writing regularly.

The last thing I’m thankful for, I’m keeping private.

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