Thursday, September 16, 2010

And the Star Sheriffs

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So I wasn’t able to stick to my end of the bargain. There goes my 100-words-a-day-challenge. But the important thing is that after this past week, I’m slowly getting back into my groove.

(a little too late to save the week, but y’know. It ain’t so bad.)

Anyway, because I’m at a loss for something constructively complete to say right now, here’s a list of some things I (re?)discovered this week. I’m not going to try and say that these are in any way universally meaningful, but right now, these are the thoughts that coalesce in my mind whenever I’m caught in the bathroom without a book (which is increasingly becoming the case, much to my alarm).

1. Sometimes, there’s a region in a relationship wherein you can’t fill in the spaces with talk, pillow or otherwise. That’s when, just like a good musical sheet, the quarter, half, and whole rests make themselves important. It takes a while to get used to, and if you get too used to them, they’re a curse (just like anything that isn’t taken into moderation). But that doesn’t downplay their importance. And how sweet it can make your life.

2. Sleeping in bed for the first twelve hours is good and restful. Anything beyond that will act like a psychological trap, locking you into a world of your own creation, and dragging you into the depths of depression, destroying your sleeping patterns, and generally adding to whatever bacteria-induced fever you’re having at the moment.

3. Even clinical morons have their moments of biting brilliance. Then they go back to being morons, and you just can’t help but shake your head at how caustically unruly the universe can seem.

4. I like direct narratives. The story doesn’t have to flow in a direct plot, but the narratives that I like use straightforward language. To illustrate: I am currently reading Shirley Jackson. She’s a reprieve from Thomas Pynchon, who is a brilliant pain in the ass.

5. I get irritated a lot. By things that shouldn’t irritate me. Especially on certain days. At least, this week. I don’t know why.

6. I like writing so long as it isn’t for work. I don’t want to have to write for work ever again, because I’m way too anal for my own good. This is why I’m trying to get this little firm up.

7. In connection to #6 – holy crap, is that ever oh so difficult.

8. In a tangent connected to #7, I miss watching classic Nick cartoons such as Hey Arnold! Jim Lang is a jazz sleeping giant.

9. I’m becoming addicted to (four panel) comic strips. Thanks to you. You know who you are.

10. Not getting your weekly dose of exercise is like psychological warfare as illustrated in the Asterix comics by Legionary Magnumopus: hitting somebody over the head with a billy club. Unfortunately, you’re on the receiving end.

11. And finally, I like mango jam.

On a completely unrelated note, it has been discovered that love actually makes you lose more friends. Except that you do it voluntarily, because love is (ironically) sweet like that.

Who commissions these studies?! (that was a rhetorical question, for those who can actually answer that).

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