Monday, June 28, 2010

Ondoy Memories

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I remember back when Ondoy was happening. I remember the aftermath. I know people who were affected by that natural disaster, and there’s no way that Metro Manila can take another Ondoy in 2010.

 Taken from Susa Caparas 

The problem is, you look out in the streets, and very few things seem to be different. There’s still trash out in the streets, the Manila drainage system still sucks, and we’re still very much the hotbed of humanity that we used to be. Needless to say, the government and the people of the metro have done very few things to address the very problems that caused Ondoy to happen in the first place.

The only differences?

- In Manila proper, there are now waste receptacles in almost every corner. That’s saying a lot.

- Whenever it rains, people tend to get paranoid. For myself, I can say that every time I look out from the back of a jeep and see puddles on the ground, I can’t help but wonder whether I should head to Nina’s house, or not.

That’s pretty much it. Which leads me to say that if ever another Ondoy rolls around, and what with the new government still trying to get a feel of things, all those memories of 2009 might come back to haunt us.

Here’s to hoping that that never happens. At least, not during our generation’s lifetime. In the meantime, stay safe, everybody.

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  1. it's inevitable. we will be hit by ondoy-level devastation again. you already know why. you correctly noted that nothing has changed.

    as long as we do not start doing things differently we will continue to experience heavy floods. property will be destroyed; lives will be lost.

    sana instead of filipinos reacting in indignation after the fact sana we start taking a more pro-active stance.

    let's start changing our ways and let's start demanding real, long term solutions from our leaders.