Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas Post, 2009

The past few years, I believe I’ve been posting about the holidays with a rather dour note. That was because back then—as today—the end of the year approaches myself and the people I know with a rather dour ring, a scorching taste of not-quite-defeat. Not quite, because there’s always the promise of a new beginning at the start of next year.

Is it because I share a defeatist attitude with the rest of my acquaintances? It’s a possibility. Is it because really, life, at that moment, is that bad?

I hardly hope so. That'll mean that every year, we'll have to put up with an increasing sense of dread quelled only by a faint glimmer of wishful thinking for the next year.

This year's hardly any different as opposed to last year. We're all a year older, friends. A year wiser? Maybe. One can't be sure about these things.

However! while enjoying oneself is hardly a matter of mind over, well, matter, this time of year is still supposed to be one of merriment. And it quite possibly still is. Whether you’re going ape to celebrate or to forget, a reason to have fun is, in fact, still a reason. And while I am currently at a loss as to what my reason for celebrating Christmas and New Year will be despite this feeling of uneasiness, well.

I’m going to try to party as hard as I feasibly can. This time, I’m going to work on my positivist attitude. If I can only party for around PhP100.00 worth, then I shall make sure that each peso of that hundred is damn well worth it. If I can only rock for an hour and a half, each minute of that hour will be epic.

So chin up, guys, and make each peso count, each moment poignant. Merry Christmas, and may all the gods of the universe watch over all of you.