Friday, August 14, 2009

I must Post About the Angry Whopper.

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I rarely come across a treat from a fast-food restaurant. You look at McDonald’s, Jollibee, KFC and the like, and you know you’re really not eating anything special. I mean, sure; everybody knows that the fries over at McDonald’s are the best, the hot n’ crispy chicken of KFC is awesome, and Jollibee has awesome spaghetti. But still, that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

All that changed—at least for me—last night.

I was meeting up with Nina at Burger King along E. Rodriguez in New Manila for dinner. Now, commuting through Taft, Quiapo, and Espana at rush hour is NOT NICE. Not nice at all. I was dizzy with heat and pollution after an hour in the bumper-to-bumper situation ALL THROUGHOUT my ride, and I vowed to cab home afterwards (I did, too, and nearly slept on the cab ride).

But the journey was worth it. So worth it, just because of this little baby:

Okay, this will have a little bit of bias on my part; I have always attested that the best fast-food burgers I have tasted this side of the planet comes from Burger King, and the Angry Whopper just made my decision more adamant. But the fact is this: the Angry Whopper, for all it’s facetiousness, is almost—if not as—good as a proper steakhouse burger.

And no, while the ad goes to bill it as a “hot” burger, the bite doesn’t really come in until after you bite into the jalapenos. It’s mostly a sweet burger. But it packs quite a punch in the belly—I just had an Angry Whopper Jr., and seriously, all the hardships I had to encounter commuting to E. Rodriguez more or less melted away into a satiated smile.

As for the ad: well, just check out the angry farmer torturing the poor, harmless onion:


  1. i like jollibee fries over mcdonald's.

    i haven't eaten in a bk in a long, long, time. a year ago i think.


  2. wow, you're the first one i know who does. :O halu too!

  3. I think when you came here KFC already moved to KetKai. In DV, hands down, Jolibee now is the fried chicken king. ^^

  4. @ shazbot: in CDO? Jollibee doesn't even come close to JRJ, i'm sorry. For me, the chicken king throughout CDO is JRJ Deep-Fried Chicken.

  5. They changed the flavor Mart. It's just not the same.

  6. i tried one of their bacon,mushroom,etc special burgers that cost 150php...and i got a sandwich the size of a regular burger mcdo..

    the only good thing i see in burger king is the mocha BK joe, sorry

  7. you're right, that IS a good cup of joe. but you didn't order the whopper. there is a reason why the whopper is the king of burgers. :D