Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alcohol Loves Me, and Ol’ Betsy’s Slow Decline into Old Age

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Unfortunately, my love for alcohol has, shall we say, diminished somewhat the past few months. I went weeks without even a sip of beer, and the scant times that I did get to drink with my peers, I had this nagging worry about work in the back of my mind.

The other night, however, saw a blissful reunion between me and the nektar of the gods. Unfortunately, this reunion was cut short—once again, I needed to work, and there were drunks to take care of. Plus, I didn’t really feel too good about getting hammered again. Or ever.

Did I just say that? Did hell just freeze over? Jeez.

In the meantime, my old, trustworthy laptop suffered a rather critical hit no more than half a day ago. Following are pictures for proof:

laptop hinge 1

The somewhat front view. You can see the bend in the top casing there, but it still looks pretty normal from this view.

laptop hinge 2

Now you can see just how bad the damage is. You can bet your britches that it hurt when the damn thing finally cracked open. I could have lost a limb, and I wouldn't have known the difference.

laptop hinge 3

Side view. You can see the innards of the LCD panel of the laptop. I want to cry.

To be fair to ol' Betsy (as I now call my two and a half year-old laptop), she has served me rather well. I believe that she has begun falling apart after hearing me talk about getting a replacement laptop or two within the next year or so. I love this ol’ gal, though, and it is because of this laptop that my faith in Acer computers is what it is now.

Since I promised myself that I wouldn’t get a new laptop in at least a year, though, I am now open to suggestions as to how I can get this little problem fixed. As you can well imagine, I rather dislike the idea of closing my laptop as every creak gives me reason to hit an aneurysm, so the sooner I get this problem addressed, the better I’ll feel.

I mean, just look at my face when I discovered the full extent of the damage:


This is an attempt to simulate my original reaction. What I really did was bawl like a little girl.


  1. perhaps if you re-bawl like a little girl i'd come up with an idea for your laptop. well aside from masking tape that is. :)

    (kidding aside, that looks really nasty. maybe you can try mighty bond with some foam, something that can be used as a brace, and tape. hehehe.)

  2. nasty it is. hahahaha. and why do i need to bawl like a little girl??