Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where in the World Did the Time Go?

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Wow. I promised to fix up this blog a long time ago, but even after all that, I only get around to doing it now. And I go and choose a default layout, to boot. What a jerk.

So anyway. Hi.

The problem with coming back from a blog hiatus of sorts is that you've had plenty of opportunities to write decent blog entries but you end up saving them for the future when you get to bringing your website back to life. I'm no stranger to that, I'll admit - so many things have happened these past few months that made me stop and thing that "Hey, there's something nice to blog about!" only to be followed by the thought that "Oh shat, I haven't cleaned up my blog yet."

It can get very frustrating. Especially when the only bit of writing you do get to doing involves work.

Which, by the way, is doing great. I've never been busier - dealing with the constant demands of the clients for better, cleaner output can be both frustrating and rewarding, despite the hideous amount of overtime I end up pulling. I still get to gym thrice a week, which is always good, and then there're band gigs and rehearsals every once in a while. This last bit can get pretty troublesome, sometimes, since gigs are late-night affairs and I usually have really early mornings. But it doesn't worry me much, for now. A busy Kilawinguwak is a happy Kilawinguwak.

I also managed to get that six string bass I've been threatening my bank account with. Cost me a good fifteen grand, but I think that Dr. Evil (not her real name) is somewhat worth it. The overall boom of the sound does tend to fall kinda flat when you get to the groove, and the mids could use a little bit more brightness, half the time. But a new set of skirts (pick-ups) on that baby and she'll be purring like a big-ass momma cat. Photos of her once I get the time to take decent shots; meanwhile, head on over to Abbey's Multiply for MaHaSa gig shots with me and the lil' darlin.

On the homecourt, in the meantime - everything's been pretty decent. Mom's doing well enough for everybody to be happy, although she does complain that she doesn't get to see me due to my insanely busy schedule. Which in turn makes my dad get on my case. Vicious (although not really very troublesome) cycle. I'll just have to juggle my schedule a little bit to set aside enough time for the family. So yeah - I know you read my blog dad. Haha. No heartwarming comments in this blog - if it doesn't have testosterone, keep it out (ok, I'm kidding).

As for the blog itself, there have been a few major changes. Firstly, I'll be converting this blog to a truly personal repository for my thoughts, rather than a place for noteworthy reads. I gave that a shot for some time, and I just really ran out of juice way before I could even get into the groove of things. Secondly, I'll be limiting the amount of outgoing links on display in the sidebar. I won't be optimizing this site for SEO purposes, since I don't really plan on turning the Mezzanine into an earning project. So yeah, people who link to me for purely linkback purposes, eat your hearts out. I've also removed the Google ads on display like I promised, and I have to say that the website looks much better without it.

So here's to a not-so-fresh start on blogging. Hurray to me. I'll be seeing you bitches in the next installment.

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