Sunday, August 03, 2008


Okay. I promised to fix this blog's layout waaaaay back, but I still haven't gotten around to achieving even a remotely noticeable improvement. I still plan on getting that done - inasmuch as I myself am starting to find everything about this batshit layout absurd - but until then, I will entertain by providing an image not that far removed from the subject, or object, of this post:

The Dance of Meat by Aaron K. Fucked up sideways, innit?

Oh, in case I didn't warn you kiddies, this post was highly liable to be R-18. Yes, I am an asshole.

I have to admit that the Google AdSense banner's color has inspired some ideas within this otherwise graphically inept troglodyte. I do plan on getting rid of those ungainly ads, since I don't think anybody would really want to learn more about tinnitus and cerumen after an elucidating visit to my humble piece of the Internet.

Oh, for those reading this via Multiply, this does not apply to you. Only the Blogspot readers can fully appreciate this post. The rest of you are missing out on the full impact of my brilliant words. Feel free to be ashamed. My eloquence is boundless and made of win and awesome.

Anyway, until next time. I pray that by then, I will have had the presence of mind to actually fix the damn blog before I even type four words' worth of tripe. Ta-ta.