Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Awesome. Just Awesome.

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This article more or less sums up what I feel about today's increasingly fast-paced lifestyle. Like I said previously, I stumble upon a whole gamut of miscellaneous information at work, and sometimes, I end up hitting pay dirt; this find happens to be one of the more deep-seated, interesting jewels I managed to pan from the quagmire of the 'net.

I like how he compares present to past habits, and puts in a logical reason for the dramatic shifts in lifestyle. The ironic thing is that the same thing that's pushing the body more and more into workaholism is the same thing that everybody's working for in the first place. A huge chunk of what today's economy is made up of relies heavily on the manufacture and sale of cutting-edge technology, which admittedly makes our lives an eternity easier (can you imagine living with the old-school video cassettes rather than having your very own mp3 player? mon dieu!).

But what everybody seems to fail to grasp is the reality that this sudden need for comfort is what's driving everybody away from good health anyway. Since production became faster and mroe streamlined in the workspace with the introduction of computers, there was a rather sharp spike in output demand - after all, you hardly need to complete those papers in triplicate; just email them in triplicate, and you're set for the day, so since electronic media supposedly made the entire process more efficient, people started to dream of improving their performances by improving the amount of work done.

Which, according to the article I linked, isn't the case. People are losing more and more sleep to the cause of working to meet today's sharply increasing necessities in daily living; in simple terms, they're stabbing themselves in the left hand because the right foot's painful in a convoluted form of transference.

Read through the entry if you folks have the time. It isn't an eye-opener, since it's a pretty established fact that today's lifestyles are as hectic as shit, but it raises some good points as to why this has come about.

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  1. "imagine... old-school video cassettes..."

    I can. I still have a Sony Walkman in the mines of Moria and a more than a dozen tapes. :D I have Pearl Jam's "Vs", Robbie William's "I've Been Expecting You," S. Maclachlan's "Surfacing," three albums of the Corrs. I stopped bringing it to the office when everyone started looking as if I was doing a Michael J. Fox stunt. :D