Friday, February 01, 2008

Site Optimization Commencing

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For Blogger, Multiply and Tabulas (although Multiply's site redo will mostly be aesthetic). I guess you could say I got sick of relying on premade templates that work well for the first four months, but start to suck soon afterwards. Also, there are benefits of a website that's constantly in flux.

This also restarts my attempt to unify the theme of the Zeppelin. The main blog, or the bridge where the captain spends most of his time can be found in Tabulas, while this mezzanine serves to entertain various guests. I have yet to change the Multiply site's Flying Teapot into something that can work in the schema of the Zeppelin, though, and the Engine Room was pulled out from my hands when I left Stickymedia Solutions. so I'll have to come up with another tech blog sooner or later - maybe using the Wordpress CMS, just to keep things interesting.

For now, pardon whatever damage you see on any of the three sites. I think I'm learning enough div-and-CSS handling thanks to Dreamweaver to make something intriguing with the unified Zeppelin, but that doesn't mean I won't wreck something somewhere along the line.

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