Friday, June 01, 2007

Let's Not, and Say We Did.

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Normally, I like work.

Yes, normally. Editing is fun. The rush that you get when you're crossing out words, making sure that this or that writer actually makes sense, mentally cursing the dumber ones to the land's end - these are all, believe it or not, perks of being an editor in this business. The stress, the headaches, you know every cell in your body's actually enjoying all this excruciating pain. It's like a writing curse. You beat yourself up until the right words come out. Writing is a masochistic art.

But this.

This isn't even writing. This doesn't even come close to descriptive writing. A one hundred and ninety character limit that's eaten up by various keywords that have to appear on the description lest all your trouble is for naught. This is like AdWords, except that AdWords lets you be creative. There's more room to be creative.

This is excruciatingly, mind-numbingly, earth-shattering, paradoxically and undeniably boring.

If I have to go through this again, I'll eat a burrito through my ass. End of story.

Oh by the way. Yes, my site looks like a blender sat on it. That should change once my schedule opens up. Right now, I am my computer's unwilling slave.

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  1. Holy shit. Keyword tasks. That's what I used to call them. In my last job, some weeks were filled with nothing but those dumb keywords. I could swear that the threat of falling into a coma was larger than ever.