Sunday, June 24, 2007


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There are cats on mars. And that's all I have to say as of now.

Okay, psych.

I twisted my blasted knee the other day. So I've been hobbling around the house in a very House-like manner, and it has been fun. Of course, the fact that I have to crawl up the bloody stairs is annoying. And the fact that bending the leg involves moments of oh-so-excruciating pain.

Since I'm used to this, though, I was up and about by Saturday (had to go pay the Internet boo). And then watch a dance competition (don't ask). And then go drinking. Go. Ask.

In other news, I finally had my watch repaired. Yes, my life is very interesting indeed.


  1. At nagkita tayo malapit sa gaston park at lasing kana pare..hehehe

  2. =)__) He liked the surprise number. Go Dunkin'!

    ..And it was our idea!

    How we shot web? >)__)

  3. @ ferds: I was not drunk. I was inebriated. There's a difference. Haha!

    @ john: yes. the dunkin' donuts girls were amazing.