Friday, April 27, 2007

A Call in the Middle of the Night

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A bunch of the guys back from Manila gave me a call the other night. The kids were drinking, and for some reason, decided to give me a ring. It was three in the morning, and I was rushing to finish some work, but that call really kinda made my day.

'Course, I didn't openly tell them that. And anyway, I ran out of load after the second message I sent them, haha. I miss drinking with those guys, though. June! Or August! Swear. Get your livers ready.

Anyway. Back to work for me!


  1. hey, thanks for droppin' by me ka-blog. the boys do miss your presence on and off the low-end, i can tell. 'guess i have some pretty big sneakers to fill. speaking of their ad-libbing, napipiga ako sa kanila. hehehe. how do you endure minutes of soloing? =P peace out.

  2. Hindi ka namin miss! Tinawagan ka lang namin dahil hihingi sana kami ng pera!

    Hahahahaha. Cheers, Martin. :)

  3. i mean, pa'no mo sila nasasabayan? anyway, nasagot na rin yan sa huli mong comment. basta, magaling kayo. ambabata pa. sariwa. yum. hahahaha.

  4. sabi nga ni obi eh. Mahasa. Rhymes with Gahasa. Yum talaga. Haha.

  5. tama si peachy. naubusan kami ng pang-inom kaya ka namin tinawagan. u shudda wired us some liquor money, foo. hehehehe.

    biro lang. miss ka na namin. you and your fatass. hehehe ,V,,