Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back from Hibernation

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Well, I'm back.

After that bout with a bit of depression, my sister wormed her way into my hermit-like life and kept me on my toes for about a week. We did a whole smorgasbord of stuff, including a whole afternoon of white-water rafting, three cosmopolitans (for her), a lot of conversation, and even more shopping.

It was the shopping that got to me. We went shopping for new items for my digs here at Cagayan de Oro (wherein I got myself a Gaisano mall Suki Card), and plenty of other things that I probably wouldn't need. But she did, so now here I sit with six pillows, a sleeping bag, my old grill pan that I'd lent her, and by tomorrow, a table and chair set.

Life is good sometimes. She's gone back to Manila now, to look for a new job. God knows I'll miss the company.

In other news: a story of mine will be featured in the next issue of Story Philippines, which will go into production after the holy week. Grab yourselves a copy of this truly spectacular (well, maybe not that spectacular) issue when it comes out. And I'd enjoy to hear from readers.

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  1. i'm glad your sis visited and u had a great time :)