Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Remember the Third of October

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As a person who lives on the Internet throughout my daily life, I cannot state in words how sad, disappointed, ashamed, and disgusted I am with our government for the massive oversight that is the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

And you know what makes it worse? It’s the fact that on the whole, the law could have been one of the best laws this country has ever had. I don’t disagree with everything on that law, since I believe in defeating the child prostitution rings that are alive on the Internet. I believe in removing fraud and theft conducted via the Internet. And I believe that it is the duty of every citizen of the Philippines to help the government out when they can, and that includes helping out on the Internet.

But then the libel clause on the law is open to MASSIVE misinterpretation, and goes against every civil right to freedom of speech and information. And I do not put it past our government’s more undesirable units to put that into power to promote themselves. Tito Sotto, the third generation of Vicente Sotto of the Press Freedom Law, is one of those people who MIGHT be open to misinterpret this law to protect himself, his family, and his negosyo (Eat Bulaga).

So I oppose this law 100%, just because of the questionable clauses. And I think the Philippine government is stupid to realize that there are many problems with this law, but to not do anything about it. Leila de Lima went against the orders of the Supreme Court during the whole GMA airport brouhaha, but states that her hands are tied in the execution of this law? I call shenanigans. The president’s spokespersons stating that it was the mistake of the press and of the people, when the senate did NOTHING to make the Bill’s discussion available for public consumption? I call BULLSHIT.

My friend and I got to talking, and maybe he’s right. Maybe E-Martial law is the extreme worst-case scenario. Maybe a little bit of sobriety is required, because we don’t know what the full ramifications are, yet. But the question is: are you going to wait for it to get to that point?

Be vigilant. Be prepared to criticize. Think smart. And remember.



Remember, remember, the Third of October’s

Cybercrime Prevention plot.

I see no reason why Internet treason

should ever be forgot.


‘Twas Sotto, T. Sotto, ‘twas his intent

to protect his hide and his incumbent

hold onto power. The reason? To show

his will to the nation, the senate in tow.

By pure vigilance, his plagiarists met

with a public lynching on the Internet

LOL now, boys, LOL now, girls.

God save us all!

Hai faiv? Hai faiv!

Hai faivs all around!


A blogger’s post to feed that law,

some Facebook spam to choke it.

A Twitter roast to rinse it down

and then Reddit to burn it.

Burn it in the public eye

burn it with hashtags to the sky.

Burn this law, and make instead

the network freedom our bread.

Then we’ll say that we are free

and post our LOLcats with all glee.

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