Monday, July 04, 2011

A Reckoning

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As was mentioned the other day, last Friday was the day that I was born. Yesterday, meanwhile, was the day we stuffed ourselves silly with cake and lengua pastel.

You could probably guess - and rightly so - that this led to what is more commonly known as the food coma. There's also the possibility that I was running around the Robinson's - PGH area, trying to pay bills, buy cake, and go to mass, all within the span of three hours. It sounds simple, but trust me when I say getting lost in the PGH campus isn't as fun as it sounds.

The lengua pastel was, as always, divine. Thanks to my dearest sister for giving me the pastel and the fish, free of charge. I hope the cake gives you just as much satisfaction as the pastel gave me.

More people to thank:

  • All the folks over at Facebook who greeted me; the turnover was unexpected.
  • The parents, for their unwavering support in the face of absurdity, as is usual.
  • The other sister and her boyfriend (who, being British, provided colorful, dry commentary throughout the Azkals match), for helping us make the mission of stuffing ourselves silly such a success.
  • The brother in law, for ensuring that the kids, and the food, made it to the house by 3PM; you are a trooper, sir. Kuwait match on the 24th (?)!
  • The housekeepers, for the mountain of dishes they had to deal with after yesterday was, by no means, a mean amount.
  • And finally, the girlfriend for keeping her cool throughout the birthday weekend, in the face of even greater absurdity.

Twenty-eight, eh? I do believe that I'm aging handsomely. No?

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