Tuesday, July 07, 2009

So I’m Feeling Under the Weather

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Technically, you can’t ever feel over the weather. Because y’know. The weather’s pretty much on top of you. So the phrase “under the weather” is literally, logically incorrect.

Anywaay, that ends my inane ranting for the day / week / whenever I post. I just celebrated an awesome birthday week, so this is probably lagnat laki (hopefully it ain’t aH1N1, or else dayum, I pretty much infected a whole baranggay of people.

Since Nina’s feeling rather under the weather (again with the phrase) as well, I decided to find some things that could probably cheer her up. There’s a possibility she won’t be seeing this today, but at least this has been posted.

Firstly, I have for her (and the lot of you) a piece of depressing, yet subliminal, artistry. Replay is a very good animated short that makes one wonder just how valid life can be if it serves to keep us hemmed in:

Secondly - to balance out the mood that was probably generated by Replay both in tone and in medium - I have here another short film, this time of the classic animated variety (it is actually reminiscent of mid-1900's Disney shorts), about a woman and her (rather sudden) desire for companionship - ANY kind of companionship. A lot of people could probably relate with this film:

And that's about it. I've tons of work and I badly need bedrest as well, so I'll leave you folks with the short films. Hope you guys like it.

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