Monday, April 13, 2009

So It's Lent

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And it came and went. How was it spent?

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Technically speaking, it's the Easter season now, and will be for several weeks to come. But everybody's sure to post their lenten activities, lemme join in on the fray.

So here was what I did during lent, in no proper order:

1. I slept. Good lord almighty, I don't think I slept as much as I did this season. I would sleep for hours on end, wake up, and then go back to sleep. It was so bad that my cats nearly thought I was comatose.

2. I played Grand Theft Auto 3. Thanks to Bruce who rekindled my interest in the mindless gunning down of NPC's in a sandbox environment like Liberty City. I don't think any vacation is complete without a little bit of de-stress activities, and this was it for me.

3. Learned about, and fully utilised, a whole bunch of streaming websites. I am currently loading Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay, I managed to catch up on House and Heroes, and rediscovered my roots as a cartoon addict with online streams of Garfield and Friends. And helped Nina discover Madagascar's Penguins. Online streaming is the win.

4. Spent loads of time with myself. I sometimes wonder about people who can't live without other people. A couple of days ago, a friend was panicking because she was left home alone and everybody she knew was out of town. Big deal, I thought. I think learning to enjoy your time by yourself is an essential survival tool humans have to learn - after all, no matter how social a creature we all are, handling solace is still a very important psychological tool.

5. I did not write. Honest to Mergatroid, I did not write one word during this entire break. It feels good. But it also got me thinking about a lot of things. More on this later.

6. Spent some time with the ones who really matter. Whether I'm picking Nina up from the bus station in the morning, or drinking posca with Jon late at night, arguing with my dad or waiting for my mom to finish a complete sentence.

7. Did I mention that I watched Journey to the Center of the Earth as well? I hope that they make a sequel. Real badly.

And that's pretty much it, folks. So how did YOU spend your lenten break?


  1. I've explained this to you. you missed the point. I hate you. :P

  2. dude, i'm teasing. :D well, partly anyway.

  3. April 12 is part of the holy week (Palm Sunday). Yor last blog (Halo-Halo Special) was posted that day, so...

    Hahaha! I really enjoy your writes, chong! I really should follow your posts.

    See you!

  4. @ kid: wasn't palm sunday april 5? april 12 is easter sunday, i think. :D

    thanks for the kind words meyn! i never thought you read my posts much. :) it's nice to hear that you do.