Monday, January 05, 2009


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As an attempt to get over this slump I'm going through, I will write down a couple of the resolutions I have for 2009. A week too late, I know, and I probably won't take these to heart at all, but I guess it'll be nice (and somewhat maddening) to look back to this post a year later and see just how much of a slouch you've been.

Take note that this is my first new year's resolution list in twenty-five years, so be gentle.

1. Budget my time more. Here are some corollaries:

  • I need to spend more time with my family, and select friends. This is of utmost importance.
  • My other friends deserve a little bit more of my time as well. They have been nothing short of awesome these past few months.
  • Spend more time practicing with the bass guitar, and regularly practice with my bands.

2. Work harder. I've got brilliant opportunities - I need to make the most of them.

3. Work out more. I need a regular routine wherein I do my house workout every other day, and go to the gym in between. I've slowly but surely been gaining some girth; while my weight hasn't changed (which is good), this accumulation only means that I am losing muscle mass and gaining fat (which is bad). It doesn't help that I finally have a neck - I need to work out and maintain 200 lbs for at least six months before I can be happier with how I am.

4. Open up another bank account. For savings, this time. There are plenty of things I need / want to buy (such as that bloody treadmill), but there are several things that are way more important that needs saving up for.

5. Be more patient. I think I'm one of the most easygoing people in the world, but this has been proven wrong time and again. I won't ever think otherwise, but I think this is a good year to be more of the fact.

6. Spend less time on the internet, more time with real people. This is tough, since my work requires me to be virtually connected with people all day long. And some people you can only regularly talk to on the 'net. But I'll find a way around this.

7. Be more independent. This should have been a corollary of #4, but there are some aspects of independence that money can't buy.

8. Walk more. This is also a health-related item. Back in the province, I walked a lot and I mean a lot. The sheer size of Manila is daunting enough to keep any sane man from walking constantly, but I think this is doable, given the proper motivation.

9. Update the wardrobe. This means buying more shoes, shirts and pants, and getting rid of the older shirts. This probably also means getting a new closet, because the one I have right now is falling apart.

10. Move out. But not in the conventional, get-an-apartment sense. More on this later on.


So there you have it, ladies and gents. My ten resolutions for the new year. Will I be able to keep them? I doubt it - some of the items are a bit too hard or too wild to commit to, but it's nice to finally have them in writing.


  1. 10. Lose that fat belly. Exercise won't help ya, your case needs liposuction.

    J/K! I can say things like this cause your far from meeeeeee hihihihihihihi! apir! cheers bro!

  2. Hey nice resolutions! You seem really driven, I hope you do get to do them all.

    Also, I'm curious about number 10.

  3. @ art: you are faggotry incarnate, mr. hello kitty-shaped food. :D

    @ abby: thanks! but no. hahaha. no clues about number 10. i will be shot dead by somebody if i say anything. haha!