Thursday, December 25, 2008


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Of all the cool gifts I got this year, this was undoubtedly the coolest:

My copy probably has a different serial number and far, far less Japanese characters in the background.

The Murakami Diary for 2009, which came from my dear eldest sister, who got it for ₤9.99 according to the receipt I found in the book, much to her chagrin.

So here I am, with a diary whose theme involves one of the few giants in contemporary literature. This is a good thing, this, because in my opinion, I lack practice and skill in writing short and meaningful paragraphs.

This diary has a small slot for each day of the year 2009.

Every time somebody gives me a notebook or a diary, it ends up gathering dust in one corner until I finish the current notebook I have with me and find the need to continue writing on a new leaf, so to speak.

Add the fact that most of my writing is done via the computer these days, which explains the dearth of decent hand-written works from myself for around three years and counting.

A page from within the diary. Notice the snippets from Murakami's expansive body of work and the delicate page design.

With this, though, comes a challenge: each day should contain a snippet of thought from yours truly, written as carefully as I could ever muster so as not to put myself to shame by pitting my own words against the works of a master I truly truly admire.

BTW, for those of you who were wondering: yes, I did get a shirt this Christmas. We shall not talk any more of it; just know that it is orange and nondescript. I also got a pair of socks and three sets of boxers. Nobody thought of giving me a shawarma-hock, but the nice pen and the diary more than makes up for the lack of bovine meat.


  1. Wow that's a cool diary :o At a time when everyone's crazy over planners, you have a special one! Hai faiv! :D

    PS the word verification is "lawls". Your blog is made of win.

  2. @ abby: i know it is made of win. hahaha. and yeah, i love the diary. it isn't much of a planner, but it's a great gift for a wishy-washy writer. :D

  3. Yo! I'd love to hear about the shirt you received on your next entry. hahahaha

    Oh and the boxers too! please post some pics. hahaha apir!