Friday, November 09, 2007

Working at 30 mph!

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When I first acquired the Motorola L6, I was so taken by its design and functions that I told myself that I wouldn't be changing models anytime soon. It had all I needed at the time, and so long as the machine worked the way it was supposed to, I was happy.

But since I'm going back to Manila, I'm expecting a heavy storm of road trips and gimiks. But I've got work. From what I've been going through lately, lots of work. The client thinks I am inexhaustible, which is a bloody lie.

So I'm thinking of getting a new handset. And, successively, a new line. Smart, this time around. Because the Smart 3G feature has caught my attention. Imagine! Working online at speeds of 25kph! At ten pesos per thirty minutes!

The idea boggles the mind. Any ideas on a 3g-capable handset?

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  1. The Nokia N series, all handsets are 3g capable. SonyE has a few models, too, and the MotoV3X.