Friday, July 20, 2007

A Quick Brown Fox Again *UPDATED*

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Just a quick post while I'm at work.

  • I am currently sans Internet at home. Either the cable or the radio antenna of my connection gave out, or the ethernet card of my laptop did. Either way, I blame the Union.
  • I have also perfected making risotto. It is good. And creamy, for a rice dish.
  • My friend Jon Abaca is crazy, but we all knew that a long time ago. It's refreshing to know that some things don't change.
  • My friend John Pimentel is also crazy. And apparently, gay. And I am saying this for kicks.
  • Life in Utero is slowly being plotted. I have to plan twenty one deaths. Zowie.
  • I still have no finished product for Mervin's southeast Asian fiction anthology. It's either three chapters of Rakenrowl, or The Joust. All else fails, I send in Black Hole and keep myself from crying.
  • *UPDATE* This just made my day. If only for the title. That link has a link leading to this page, which, when condensed, simply says that "British forces were said to have released man eating badgers in the vicinity of Basra, Iraq following the 2003 coalition invasion. This allegation has been denied by the British, and local scientists agree that the animals, Honey Badgers, are native to the area."
  • *MORE UPDATES* On a related note (see Badgers), a friend with too much time on his hands found this. I died laughing.
Toodles, folks.

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  1. Lol! You have been saying that ever since we grew legs back in the Devonian but what made you include that in your article? Certainly, having an Albegas Voltron Team in my display stand doesn't shout out that I am a fairy. =)) My thanks for the resulting heavy traffic into my site though. ^:)^

    And oh, I nearly forgot: kick. Kick. Kick. :))