Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gimme a bloody beer.

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I've posted a new pseudo-story over at the old Zeppelin. That should sum up how I'm feeling right now. Yes, it should. Rather well. You can view it here.

There's nothing worse than feeling a complex mix of stress / burnout, inadequacy as a friend, person and writer, to bring a person down. It's worse than sickness, and it breaks you down emotionally and spiritually. It's like having to live with censorship everywhere, living like you always have to explain yourself, and while yeah, life's really like that, it sucks when that realization begins to apply on how your relationship with people you trust, people you believe in, works.

Sometimes, it feels as if living like a box were a good thing. But then, the ghosts begin to take over, and it's usually more frightening than real life. I mean, let's face it, all the worst demons are always inside us.

It's sad, as if you don't have anybody to help you from the outside, or the inside. And you can't call out for help, because everybody's too caught up in their own web of the world to actually really care. I know this. I am guilty. But one can't help but wonder if maybe this can change.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. We'll have to see.

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